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PHIL 1070

APOLOGY 1. What is Apology about? • Socrates’trail for being accused of o Criticizing the cities religion o Introducing new gods o Bad example for the youth • Where he has to defend himself in front of judges 2. Describe Socrates as an ideal philosopher. What makes the difference between him and other philosophers? • Does not think he knows what he does not know. • Other philosophers believe they know what they do not making Socrates’s wiser. 3. Describe Socrates’position at the beginning of his trial. How does he answer to his accusers? • Socrates will only speak the truth o 4. Why does Socrates claim that he is god’s gift to the city? Why does he say that he is a kind of gadfly? • Improves city by questioning them, to help them to find out what they don’t know • Look for truth as a result and persuade to look for virtue • Compares self to gadfly because something so small can move a horse as he can move a city 5. Why doesn’t he want to bring his children to the court? (3 reasons) • Does not want to beg for mercy, or be disgraceful
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