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NICOMACHEAN ETHICS Questions - Part 1.docx

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Boston College
PHIL 1070

NICOMACHEAN ETHICS 1. Definition of eudaimonia (happiness, human fulfillment, human flourishing) a. An activity (must be exercising virtue) of the soul (a distinctive part of the human being), in accordance with complete virtue or excellence. This must be done over the course of a life (retrospective judgement) with suffiecient external good (a minimum of food for example). b. It is an activity – have to go and do something cannot just wait c. It is an activity of the rational part of the soul – exercise best part of soul d. Must do this over complete life (cannot tell if happy until after life) e. Need external goods, otherwise we will be struggling 2. Definition of moral virtue (character virtue, excellence of character) a. Astable state that is concerned with lying in an intermediate between excess and deficiency (according to each individual) that is determined by the reasoning of which a person of practical wisdom has. b. Virtue is a state of character as a result of practice, becomes a second nature (like the piano player) c. State of finding balance between excess and deficiency, example of a starving man at a feast d. Balance is relative to each individual e. To be balanced must make decisions using rational part of soul f. If have trouble ask for someone who has advice and is wiser 3. Aristotle’s vision of
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