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NICOMACHEAN ETHICS Questions - Part 2.docx

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Boston College
PHIL 1070

1. Genesis of an action a. Begins with the character of a person and an abstract decision (basic desire). Then planning (deliberation) begins, then a concrete choice is made and followed through with action. b. Take into consideration character c. Make basic decision/desire (I want to be a healthy man) d. Refine dream or wish so it is concrete or nothing will happen (deliberation) e. Make some choices (such as becoming a lawyer or such) f. Action (Pass tests, or apply to school) 2. Virtues of the rational part of the soul and virtues of character a. Rational i. Theoretical values (wisdom – Understanding plus scientific knowledge, science – demonstrative knowledge, and understanding – not demonstrative, grasping first and last) ii. Practical values - (knowledge that can be directed to the particular (actions)) iii. Productive virtue (knowledge towards production such as craft, can be used badly b. Character i. Bravery (rashness/cowardice), temperance (self-restraint), generosity, mildness, truth-telling, wit, friendliness 3. Stages of moral development a. Initial pri
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