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Boston College
PHIL 1070

Book VII - How do the Manicheans explain the origin of Evil? Why is this theory problematic? o They explain it as a substance from God that he cant defeat, the dark material world; rather than from themselves. This is problematic as Augustine has a hard time thinking of God as corruptible, limited and partly impotent. - How doesAugustine perceive the nature of God at the end of the Book VII? o Apostle Paul hunted Christians but goes blind but is taken care of by Christians and sees how people would die for their religion o Due to apostle Paul, realized he must be gracious and humble himself. Realizes its because of grace of god humans have salvation. Book VIII - Why does Augustine include so many accounts about the conversion of his friends? o To show others that prominent and successful people convert to. Its examples for outsiders. - To explain bad actions or movements in the human soul,Augustine introduces the theory of two wills. Why is this theory inappropriate? o Thinks has two wills because limbs obeyed his mind but his mind would not obey itself o He says it is Manichean to blame his fault on the existence of two separate wills. He knows it is really him who tore apa
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