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NICOMACHEAN ETHICS Questions - Part 3.docx

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PHIL 1070

1. Definition of temperance a. Having a safe mentality (a comprehensive knowledge of what is good and bad) that results in control over touch, taste, drink. b. Finding a balance in our senses c. Learning how to balance pleasures and senses d. Nothing wrong with pleasures but should not take over our minds 2. Definition of prudence (practical wisdom). Include also some states that are contrary to the virtue of prudence, and some states allied with prudence a. Atrue, stable state, accompanied by reason, concerned with the principles of practical action, concerning what is good and evil for a human b. Contrary: art/craft knowledge is only concerned with production (becomes easier as you know how to do it), scientific knowledge only based on universals c. Allied: goodness of deliberation, judgement/consideration (can tell what is right and wrong) of what is fair (missing action) d. For production has its end in something other than itself, but action does not, since its end is acting well itself e. Being Prudent means containing all virtues - 3. Why do we act incontinently / continently? a. When reason and temperance involved, we act continently (rational calculations). When feelings and ignorance are involved, we act incontinently. i. Having knowledge but making wrong decision –such as grabbing a brief case of money because you need it ii. Moral weakness 4. Definition of friendship (2 definitions). *** a. Of self: Not assigning oneself greater wealth but instead living in line with virtues of justice and temperance. It means assigning to oneself what is best and obeying gratifying best part of self, hence the community profits. i. The good man should be a friend to himself, but the wicked should not, because to the wicked man being a friend to himself means following evil passions ii. Have to be friends with self first bef
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