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PHIL 1070

Final exam Questions NICOMACHEAN ETHICS 1. Definition of eudaimonia (happiness, human fulfillment, human flourishing) 2. Definition of moral virtue (character virtue, excellence of character) 3. Aristotle’s vision of the human soul 4. Types of action 5. Genesis of an action 6. Virtues of the rational part of the soul and virtues of character 7. Stages of moral development 8. Distinction of justice 9. Definition of bravery (courage) 10. Definition of temperance 11. Definition of prudence (practical wisdom). Include also some states that are contrary to the virtue of prudence, and some states allied with prudence 12. Why do we act incontinently / continently? 13. Definition of friendship (2 definitions). Explain the background of the question regarding friendship. 14. Definition of pleasure (2 definitions). Explain the background of the question and what the practical consequences of these definitions of pleasures are. 15. Why is theôria (contemplation, study) superior to other human activities? CONFESSIONS Book I: - At the beginning of this Book, Augustine invites God to 'come into me.' What qualities of God make this request impossible (if it is taken literally)? - What is Augustine's opinion about reading fiction? Book II: - What is the message of the pear-tree experience? - How does Augustine explain the fact that human beings act badly or follow evil? Book III: - Why doesn’t Augustine accept the Manichean view of God and evil? How does Augustine explain the existence of evil? - What does Augustine say regarding personal freedom? Why doesn’t God limit human freedom? Book IV: - When one of Augustine’s good friends died, Augustine reflected on the nature of friendship. What does the true friendship look like? - What should our relation to the created things be?
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