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Boston College
PHIL 1070
Marina Denischik

Thien Dam 10/26/12 MIDTERM I. VERY SHORT ANSWER: a. The three things to keep in mind when reading Plato’s dialogues is that Plato never says “this is what I think”, to never take it literally, and that Plato is not Socrates and Socrates is not Plato. b. The dialogical frames are character and the opening scene describing the Greek culture. c. Callicles: [ 1]: - Appears to powerful passion [shame] - Withholding part of truth; he can chance people understanding of what is truth and what is not. o Cephalus: [ 2]: - Schism: truth/falsehood - Speech/deeds o Nietzsche: [ 3]: - Confuses his audience, but does not employ to harm us. - Uses persuasiveness to question whether something is ethnical or truthful - Recasting of truth; move away from what believe is truth and ask how it is good to us. - No pursuit of personal gain. d. Three things that have to do with sophistry is withholding [ 1], concealing [ 2], o o affirming anew[ 3] II. SHORT ANSWER: 1. a. Cookery and medicine is good for the soul with regard to health of the body. b. Cosmetic and gymnastic is only something that can be used as an enhancement with regards to health of the body. It does show one’s true colors. c. Politics branching out of legislative art and justice are the counterparts of these arts in relation to the soul. d. Flattery, as said before that it only show one’s true colors, is a form of misleading oneself or somebody else into what he/she think is good. 2. a. Gyges in the History is hiding in king Candaules’ bedroom so Gyges could see Candaules’ wife naked because Candaules’ wants to show Gyges how beautiful his wife is. b. The queen feels shameful that Gyges has seen her naked. The queen wants to get revenge by having Candaules’ or Gyges killed. c. Gyges’ initial reaction to Candaules’ idea is that he did not want to see the queen naked because seeing a woman naked is equivalent to taking away her dignity. He thought that the idea was not “noble and good”. d. Both Gyges and the ancestor of Gyges did not have an equal measure of intent and volition. Gyges in the History was forced to pursue his actions; seeing the queen naked and killing Candaules’. The ancestor of Gyges in the Republic willingly committed his crimes knowing he could get away with it. 3. a. According to Aristotle, the sensations that have to do with self-restraint and being unrestrained are pleasure and pains. b. Aristotle state that “lack of restraint for spiritedness is less shameful than a lack of restraint for desires” because spiritedness listens to reason at a certain extent. Desires, on the other hand does not and only goes toward enjoyment which is “shameful”. c. According to Aristotle, impetuousness is acting upon something without deliberating, or so to think about it, beforehand. Weakness is to act upon something having already thought about what one is going to do. III. 50 pts Essay Questions 1. A person who Socrates brings about shame to in the Republic is Polemarchus. When Polemarchus described justice
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