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PHIL 1090
Daniel Frost

Old testament Terminology The Pentateuch/Torah  the first five books of the Bible consisting of: • Genesis (“In the beginning”) • Exodus (“Names”)  disclose Israelites as ppl escaping bondage what happens when deviate from gods will, god will take them back • Leviticus (“And He called”) • Numbers (“In the desert”) • Deuteronomy (“Words”) The Septuagint “Greek old Testament” is: rd  translation of the Hebrew Bible and some related texts into Greek from 3 century.  Is quoted by NT (St Paul andApostolic Father) The Hexateuch “Six Scrolls”  Torah plus the Book of Joshua Theology: what we can say about God. Philosophically problematic. The Meno: Learners Paradox Hermeneutics: science or art which is interpretation. Plato and Socrates use it to describe what is grasped cognitively vs what is religious knowledge (Sophia knowledge of the truth-value of the utterance). Philosophers pointed out the view the entire Torah was not written by Moses. It doesn’t make sense. There are doublets and contradictions in stories. Can
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