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PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

THE ION1 The Socratic Method and the role of the philosopher in generalSocrates died in 399 BCSocratic methoddoesnt give answers directly but asks questions to make you conscious of your ignorance Dialectical methodtesting the explicit speech claims that someone makes against their implicit presuppositions to reveal a contradictionPhilosophylove of wisdomMidwife metaphorSocrates does not impregnate you with knowledge but merely draws outdelivers the contradictions operative in their own knowledge to themselves in the hope they achieve selfknowledgeoDont shoot the messengerThe object of the philosophers knowledge is the very relation between knowledge and its objectsoThis is his techne to determine who is actually knowledgable2 The general discussion of art as a techneThe Art of KnowledgeCharioteering The nature of chariotsPilotingThe nature of vesselsGeneraling Military AffairsIon knows only Homer so he does not have a techneUltracrepidariangoing beyond ones proper province giving opinions on matters beyond ones own knowledge oLet him not judge above the sandals3 The divine inspiration and stone of Heraclea metaphorSocrates believed that rhapsodes did not actually have knowledge but were divinely inspired by poets such as HomerSocrates told Ion that the power in Euripides magnetic stone of Heraclea was so powerful that you could attach an iron ring to it and then another iron ring from the firstoThe magnetic rock remains the original inspiration but the first ring is supremely inspired and has added new depth to the original ideaoEvery ring attached from there were people who were inspired by the preceding ringoIon is not skilled in what he is talking aboutIt is an inspiration that he carries awaya divinityTHE MENO1 Sophismwhat is it How does sophism fit with the themes of the dialogue and Platos thought in generalSophists are paid money to teach rumored that they didnt care about the truth they just persuaded students of their own argumentsMeno is a sophistrhetoricSocrates believed in finding the truth but was regardless accused of being a sophist2 The Learners Paradox
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