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PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

The Church had accepted Aristotles view that human nature was capable of cultivating a certain measure of virtue or righteousnessaLuthers idea of justification by faith aloneiWhat does Luther meanOne can do all sorts of great acts and go to church and pray but without faith those actions mean nothingGood works do not make a good manman cant be saved and justified by works without faithiiWhat is a possible misinterpretation of this ideaThat there is no point to doing any sort of prayer or attending church because all you actually have to have is faithoWhy do anything goodnd2Rousseaus 2 Discourse On the Origin of Inequality aRousseaus different spin on previous discussions of the state of nature Locke and Hobbes said state of nature was a time when every man acted In his selfinterest leading to a state of warOthers said it was sometime before that when language was nonexistent and the world was all animalisticRousseau believes it to have been sometime in between these two periods but that Locke and Hobbes never went far
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