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PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

Essays 1MachiavellioIs Machiavelli a teacher of eviloNo because hes not teaching you to act in evil ways or to always use crueltyimmoralityoHe only preaches harsh methods of rule conditionally meaning that its certainly not appropriate in all cases only when necessaryoIf he were a teacher of evil he would be teaching evil for the sake of evilIn situations where he is in fact teaching immoral actions he does so to teach success as a leader evil is a means to an end never an endoIf morality were to support a persons position in a specific case Machiavelli would advocate this as wellIt just so happens to be his belief that evil is often what boosts ones positionCitizens respond more effectively to fear than love as love fades quickly but the impression and respect from potential cruelty last foreveroEvidence of potential religious following in his lifeHe just doesnt make judgments based solely on Christian ideals as other religious men would expect him toMachiavellis response to his lack of religious ideals is that God does not do everything for uswe need selfinitiativeoAn idealist wou
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