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Boston College
PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

aLockes discussion of executive prerogative what is itWhy is it in thereDangerousWise AnyoneBuellerA response to the worlds constant flux a power of the executive to act according to discretion for the public good without the prescription of lawoWill allow this principle only insofar as it is goodMachiavelli thought that it should never be necessary to resort to extraconstitutional measures for although they may be for the time beneficial if the practice is once established of disregarding the laws for good objects they will in a little be disregarded that pretext for evil purposesbLockes views on the dissolution of governmentHow do we find a way to combine the peoples duty to obey a just government with their right to disobey a tyrannical oneSociety has a right to revolt oHobbes thinks this would be to resort to war of all against alloLocke thinks you could return to a nonbrutal state of nature and reorganizeLocke calms our nerves by saying that dissolving the government does not equal dissolving society as a whole 211If governmental policies are inconsistent with the natural law they are unjust and nonbindingcLockes vi
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