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Boston College
PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

This much power can be used or misused to cause great impact on the people being ruledaThinking of Hobbes philosophy in terms of our American system does our government have absolute power or are there really inalienable rights categorically never to be transgressednd2Lockes 2 Treatise on GovernmentLetter on TolerationaThe general obvious difference between Locke and Hobbes as reflected in some Locke quotesHow would people behave in the state of natureoHobbes believed that freedom and equality would be the causes of infinite trouble and so much be renouncedoLocke permits no renunciation of freedom and equality because surrendering your freedom and equality to a superior power in Lockes judgment is far more hazardous and frighteningLocke argues that to be ruled by an arbitrary absolute power is worse than living in a state of natureArgued that Hobbesian state is predicated on fear and awe which is no source of legitimacybThe general obvious similarity between Locke and Hobbes as reflected in some Locke ideasLocke eventually comes to terms with Hobbes view and agrees that the state of nature would eventually become a state of waroThis is later reiterated describing it as un
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