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Part 4 Exam Review 1 of 8.docx

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PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

Frost PerspectivesHandoutExam Review The Origins of Political Philosophy and the Problem of Religious TolerationLibertyFormat40 multiple choice questions taken from any of the topics belowThree short essays20 points each 1 on Machiavelli 1 on HobbesLocke 1 surpriseContent 1Aquinas Summa TheologiaeaOn LawiThe etymology of the word lawLex from ligoto bind or tie together as in ligamentThis etymology anticipates much that is to come in our course dealing with law Natural lawa discovery of reason that constrictsbinds human behaviorLawan ordinance of reason for the common good made by one who has care for the community and is promulgatediiThe five notes in Aquinas definition of law making it binding and their negation making it nonbindingGenus an ordinanceLaw is an ordered rule and measure of actsIt obligates us to actnot act Obligation is the binding of the free will to perform the act necessar
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