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Boston College
PHIL 1091
Daniel Frost

Frost PerspectivesHandoutReview Sheet for The Crisis of Modern Thought Ignatius Descartes Bacon Hume KantFormat50 multiple choice questions taken from any of the topics belowTwo short essays25 points each IgnatiusDescartes BaconHumeKant A synthesis A surpriseContent 1The Turn to the Subject in Philosophy and Theologywhat does that phrase even meanHavent we always been concerned with the subjectDiagram 1The subject is typically you and the object is anything thats not the subjectRight now inside of you there is a whole universe going on that none of us have access toI can think of something at any time that no one else has access tooPinch yourselfYou are feeling a pain that no one else in the room can feelHow do I know that what I perceive is the same as what you perceiveHow do I know that the orange I see is the same orange that someone else seesoAll we have is access to what our minds give usoSince we can never know what another perceives how can we ever talk about anythingIf I see a rainbow my seeing of the rainbow is merely the result of the anatomy of my eyesoI created that rainbowSo how do I know that it existsImagine you have a small fishing netoThis is like your conscience If you have a small net youll miss things You must expand your net or conscience in order to pick up on more thingsDifferent people have differentsized netsThe Turn to the Subject in TheologyoAquinas proof for the existence of God was taking in external phenomena and coming up with explanations for themDescartes argument here is that you start with yourselfHe proves God without ever going outside of himself oWhat if everyones been looking for the big guy out there when all I need is whats in here2Saint Ignatius of LoyolaaBasic plot questions from The Autobiography Remember your Augustine testWho readWho is free ridingBorn in Thagaste AlgeriaParents more concerned with academic success than personal behaviorMoved to Carthage to further his studies ManichaeismMoved to Rome to become oratorIn Milan he meets Bishop Ambrose who encouraged a break from the ManicheesbWhat is Ignatius connection to Descartes visvis method3Descartes MeditationsaThe critical question compare to Aquinas way of proceedingPhilosophy claims we can know about whats really out there objectivelyoKnowing is not yeah it seems that way to me but to you it might not be that wayBut knowing about whats really out there presupposes a mind that is capable of such a task People like Aristotle and Aquinas assumed it was capable of such a task and simply moved forwardBut Descartes muses given the fact that our mind makes errors how do we even know that our mind can even be trusted
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