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PHIL 4406

Argument 1. “All objects of inquiry are either relations of ideas or matters of fact” (336) –Hume stipulates/dictates a. What gives him the right to say this? 2. The statement “Philosophy is fun” is either a relation of an idea or a matter of fact. (1) 3. The contrary to “Philosophy is fun” is logically possible. (Definition of words) a. Suggests that definitions divide evenly b. This is not the case words are ambiguous c. Two year old is a idiot!! 4. The phrase “Philosophy is fun” is a matter of fact. (2, 3, Definition of ‘a matter of fact’) a. Can be remedied by changing simple definitions ---our language is made up 5. The nature of all our reasoning concerning matter of fact are “founded on the relation of cause and effect”(339)—(Definition of matter of fact a. “Causes and effects are discoverable, not by reason but by experience” 6. “Philosophy is fun” is provable only inductively (4, Hume’s definition of ‘induction’) 341 “probable reasoning” a. Shift to induction!! 7. 6 All induction experience/ (cause and effect) assumes the future is like the past. a. “For all inferences from experience suppose as their foundation that the future will resemble the past…”(342)—(ConceptualAnalysis of Induction) 8. 7 “The future is like the past” is either a relation of an idea or a matter of fact. (1) 9. 8 The contrary to “the future is like the past” is conceivable (Definition of “Conceivable”) a. Objection: Look at the definition of laws of nature---aren
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