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Condemnations and On Monarchy Midterm Review

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Boston College
Political Science
POLI 1041

• Christianity = orthodoxy  Right belief • Muslim and Judaism = orthopraxy  right practice • Christianity presents itself politically through papcy o Pope = leader of man in souls as well as armies • Dante opposes God-chosen ruler Condemnations (written 1277) • Propositions = opinions related against the 3 charges of Theologians o God’s ability to know particulars o The eternity of the world o 4 human things in which we attain happiness (Al Farabi) Dante On Monarchy • Monarchy is essential to the well-being of humans o What role does pope (god’s earthly rep) have in selecting human ruler? • Who has dominion over soul and dominion over bodies? • Dante resided in Florence o Very political man, fleeing for his life o Atmosphere of persecutors o Ghibellines = anti-papacy party • Pondering 3 reasons for questioning temporal monarchy • End of human society is to fulfill our intellectual potential o Start with the end purpose of human life so we can backtrack and figure out what type of ruling we should have so that those end results are met  Temporal monarchy • Monarchy rulers… o Must be freed from greed o Servant to people because he loves them so much o Full knowledge/wisdom o Ea
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