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The Decisie Treaty Midterm Notes

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POLI 1041
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Averroes The Decisive Treaty • Averroes = proud muslim o Makes a case on behalf of philosophy from a Muslim for Muslims for the first time  Quotes extensively from the Koran, which is used as evidence in “trial” • Fundamental task: defend philosophy against those who regard it as a blasphemy o Philosophy is in great danger in the city • God = artisan who creates o Philosophers study the things that God makes  Need cognizance/ “to know” in order to reflect • Syllogistic reasoning is needed o Philosophers are obedient to the law • Law itself commands philosophic demonstrative reflection of things for those who are capable of it o Not easy to reflect  have to seek help to learn how to reflect • Sequence of people building upon each other’s knowledge o Not one person knows everything  Defends Plato andAristotle to defend Philosophy • Greeks = pagans and don’t believe in the Muslim religion  hard to defend in the courtroom o Averroes is mentioning “tools” because it stands for Plato andAristotle’s writing  morally neutral and depends on the purpose of the user  Ancient books = tools • 3 classes of human beings o Demonstrative (philosophers) o Dialectical (theologians) o Rhetorical (common people)  Everyone has different natures • “Truth does not oppose truth; rather it agrees with and bears witness to it” o There is only 1 truth, so philosophy and religion can exist as one (2 ideas, 1 truth)  Perfectly demonstrates how Islam and philosophy should not be in conflict with each other • If they both arrive at same thing, why is there a need for both, especially philosophy if Islam/Koran is teaching the truth already? o Islam claims to BE the truth while philosophy is LOOKING for the truth  Contradiction between Plato and Koran • Must engage in allegorical interpretation of scripture: take surface meaning and diving in to find inner, true meaning • Allegorical interpretation shows how Koran is written like a philosophical work when in
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