PRTO1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Habituation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sherry Turkle

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6 Dec 2016

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Explain prinz"s argument in favor of moral relativism. We stop trying to find value in other people"s arguments and just chalk them up to other people"s perspectives without really respecting the value of them. Moral relativism is the belief that all ethical claims are relative to cultural conditioning or personal preference. Moral relativism fits very well with a market society because it supports the argument that if there is a consensual seller and buyer of a good or service then it is ethical. If market values determine every feature of our social life, then everything is relative to market conditions rather than our own personal ethics. Michael sandel is worried about the movement towards becoming a market society for two main reasons. What are these reasons, and why is sandel concerned about them: sandel believes that market societies both foster inequality and corrupt our attitudes.