List of Researchers for Midterm 1 with Descriptions

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Cognitive Science
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Terry Regier

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List of Historical Researchers in Cog Sci • Aristotle: blank slate, catalogued all syllogisms, empiricist, principle of contradiction • Plato: rationalist, knowledge is remembering, poverty of stimulus, platonic form  all knowledge is a shadow of what it really is • Locke: sensation and reflection, empiricist • Leibniz: classical rationalist, people are good, alphabet of thought, veins in the marble, language is vague • Leibniz • Boole: xx=x, xy=x,  very algebraic • Frege: truth tables, all possible worlds • Russell: sent letter to Frege, set could be part of itself = extraordinary set  paradox • Cantor: diagonal method, different sizes of infinity • Hilbert (decision problem): sobering note #1, Given any premise and conclusion, can you determine whether the conclusion follows the premises? • Turing (halting problem): Turing used the halting problem to prove that no such procedure exists • Boole: general truth is seen only once, deduction more than induction • Wundt: father of experimental psych, aperception (delta), • Ebbinghaus: measures mem
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