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Demography 145History 139BExam 2 Study Guide Spring 2013 I Where and when is the exam The exam will be held in class on Friday April 12 2013 II What will be covered in the exam All lecture and reading materials from Week 7 through Week 11 will be fair game III How should I prepare for the exam Working through this study guide will be a great way to structure your reviewHowever you should spend additional time thinking about all your readings and lectures more broadly especially those latter ones for which you did not have a chance to formulate exam questions Finally hydrate and eat breakfast You may bring one half of an 85x11 sheet of paper filled with your notes both sides You need NOT bring a blue book IMMIGRATION DEMOGRAPHICS AND MOTIVATIONS During the post Civil War Era 18651880 why were European immigrants welcomed What kind of immigrants arrived Where did they come from and how did this change American culture European immigrants had assisted American soldiers during the Civil WarThe mass migration of the 19th century was a response of preindustrial people against a new Capitalist world order List three ways in which the workings of the 19th Century global economy promoted immigration by making peasant life in the Germany less viable 1 The demographic transition caused much of the mass migration of the time Populations were growing rapidly and the country was becoming overcrowded As land was split among many sons subsistence was no longer possible dwarf economy2 Factories displaced households working in the protoindustrialization economy households working on parts of a product 3 No future growth bc of late industrialization inefficient trade bc of splitting of country List three reasons for German migration to the US in the early mid19th century 1 Overcrowding dwarf economy 2 Factories displaces workers in protoindustrialization economy 3 German industrialization was late and uneven bc country was split up inefficient trade List 5 common features of German and Scandinavian migration 1 Ruraltorural 2 Complete families 3 Not impoverished but fearing loss of status 4 Impacted by changes in agricultural economy brought on by industrial revolution and the transportation revolution and capitalism5 Positive feedback What were some of the differences between Dwarf Economies of Southwestern Germany and ProtoIndustrialized economies of WestphaliaDwarf economies were made up of small farms that were split up even further among sons because of the demographic transition more children surviving These farms were too small for subsistenceIn Westphalia protoindustrialization meant that households in addition to farming duties produced parts of a product and paid by the partIn two sentences summarize the radical attempt to conserve to whom does it refer And what does it mean
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