ESPM 50AC Study Guide - Final Guide: Acculturation, Executive Order 9066, Barter

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Espm 50: final exam review unit iv. The final exam primarily addresses material from unit iv. But you are responsible for concepts and themes from other units. The exam is 20% of your final grade, and you will have three hours to complete it. Federal, state, local policy: immigration/naturalization; civil rights; property rights; etc. America"s takaki errand into the wilderness convenient term to describe something unique to american west. Divide and control strategies--- different roles and skills and groups and status; recruip mex, jap and phil to undermine chinese; leads to waves of immigration. Rural migration- migration from a rural area to a city, se china, south japan, areas of. Philliphines, people disposed from the land for some reason or another, or driven off the land ; move to cities, first step to emigration. Chinese and japanese: push factors (chinese-land tendency is divisible, divisible inheritance, population growth 76%, opium war, british imperialism trying to control textile.

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