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Ethnic Studies
Siri Brown

1) Migration/Immigration and Race: Law, Policy, Experiences and impact • Waves of Immigration ⁃ Western Europeans and Africans ⁃ Western Europeans ⁃ Some promised land plots in exchange for settling America ⁃ Lots of indentured servants, but still guaranteed freedom after seven years ⁃ Early on, got on well with indentured servants from Africa, but policy change soon made that impossible ⁃ Due to Bacon's Rebellion, landowners tried to create stress between whites and blacks so that they would not have the same strength in numbers. Made blacks slaves for life, which gave whites a feeling of superiority ⁃ Naturalization Act of 1790 ⁃ Free white people could become citizens ⁃ Africans ⁃ Forced immigration, many came to America after being saved from Spanish slave ships, then made indentured servants ⁃ No differentiation between white indentured servants at first (see above) ⁃ Forced interbreeding, many mixed-race children ⁃ One drop rule: Anyone with one drop of black blood was considered black ⁃ Irish ⁃ Bad religious and economic situation in Ireland caused them to flee to America ⁃ Early immigrants were indentured servants, but a later wave took mainly working-class jobs ⁃ Experienced a lot of discrimination based on Irish heritage but eventually were able to assimilate into the white population ⁃ Southern/Eastern Europeans ⁃ Experienced a lot of discrimination until WWII, when the GI bill helped many Jews to get a good footing in America and reach their full potential ⁃ Many from this wave are still in touch
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