GWS 10 Quiz: “Transgender History” Susan Stryker

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Gender And Women'S Studies
GWS 10
Barbara Barnes

GWS 10– “Transgender History” Susan Stryker Foundations of a movement ● Transgender: the movement across a socially impose boundary away from an unchosen starting place ● Mainstream feminism in the 1970s wanted to raise women’s consciousnesses about their own private suffering by grounding that experience in a political analysis of the categorical oppression of women ● A goal of this book is to situate transgender social change activism within an expanded feminist framework, which requires us to think in different ways about how the personal is political, and about what constitutes gender-based oppression ● “Waves” of feminism: ○ The first wave was focused on dress reform, access to education, political equality, and suffrage ○ The second wave addressed a wide range of issues, including equal pay, sexual and reproductive freedom, recognition of women’s unpaid work in the household, better media representations of women, and rape and domestic violence ○ The third wave was a generational response to the second wave’s shortcomings, particularly the tendency of second wave feminists to overlook differences among women ■ More attuned to intersectionality, notably for transgender people ■ “Transgender identity is the acceptance of a tutor from the opposite sex” Terms and definitions ● Sex: biological reproductive capacity of potential– whether an individual body produces on eor the other of the two specialized cells necessary for our species to physically reproduce itself ● Intersex: variations on the most typical organization of human reproductive anatomy ● Morphology: the shape of the boyd that we typically associate with being male or female ● Secondary sex characteristics: certain physical traits that tend to be associated with genetic sex or reproductive potential ● Gender: the cultural, as opposed to the
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