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Political Science

Human Rights 1 The Problem of Sovereigntyshape context of actions o Sovereignty the right to do whatever it wants within its bordersterritory no authority above them in the international order can do anything domestically undertaking action is legitimate o State system we can do nothing but disapprove o Post WWII notion of sovereignty is weakened by human rights Trial at Nuremberg is a turning point2 The Trial at Nuremberg intl trial became a precedent trial for international criminal tribunal trials for various crises including the Rwanda genocide a History o Judges were represents of each Ally states o 3 charges war crimes crimes against humanity crimes against peace new types of crimes emerged o Made an effort in being justo Germany didnt violate international law on both sides winners and losers of WWII people argued that Germany was only working on their state sovereignty o ShippingFind a set of actions that no state is an exception to b Crimes Against Humanity o Idea of human rights protection of persons as persons on intl level as a personhuman one has certain rightso Whats important punctures through the shield of sovereignty states no longer have the right to do whatever they want within its border limits exists o There must be something a more equivalent power above the state to command what it can or cannot do o What we and states think they are entitled to do not materialistic no enforcement 3 Human Rights a Basic Principlesi Individuality human rights makes stateperson relationships any state to any person relationship important notion of personhoodii Universality human rights are applied to everyone without exception otherwise would be based on particularity the individual and also the individuals relationship to everyone else becomes importantb Conundrums i Where do they come from Human dignity as humans we have some common nature at base what is it that makes us human what makes us collectively human what do we share with everyone in the state world ii Who has them It matters who counts because otherwise division of population is possiblecan get away with crimes on certain groups of people iii What are they Conflicts between rights iv Nuremberg revisiteda political puzzle
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