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Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
Shannon Steen

Week 2 Race Racial Formation Racial Project Hegemony Interpellation Socialization Habitus 1 RACERace is a concept which symbolizes social conflicts and interests by referring to different types of human bodiesDynamicracial categories change over timeRace is the concept we use to organize social hierarchySocial Hierarchy is a system of organizing people into different ranks of levels of importance for example in society or in a companyRace is a social processRace is part of the process of hegemonyThe process of consolidation of powerFunctions within SOFT POWER systems of governmentEX Poem Heather ChineseDictatorshup 2 RACIAL FORMATIONIs the process that race is socially constructedTheres no race only racial formation3 RACIAL PROJECTAre what create what race is or means or how it functions in a given social contextMore specific formationBuilding blocks of racial formationMicro individual jokes between friendsMacro structural mass Laws cultural representationsCan reinforce systems of racism or can intervene against themCan be conscious or unconsciousTwo Components Intent ImpactA racial project is racist if and only if it creates or reproduces structures of domination based on essentialist categories of race BUT The impact not the intent is what determines whether a given project is racist or not AND The impact can change over time4 INTERPELLATIONThe system by which people become labeled and placed into categories within a social hierarchyDepends on communal reinforcement and repetition5 SOCIALIZATION6 HABITUS Confluence of interpellation and socialization
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