VIETNMS 1A Quiz: Viet 1B Test2

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Tran Hanh

Lp Ting Vit 1B B i Kim tra s 2 H v tn:Vanessa Tsan Ng y 10 thng 2 nm 2017 Write the following conversation in Vietnamese, using the vocabulary and sentence patterns learned from Chapters 12 13. The content expressed in the cue must be covered, but do not translate the cues directly. All numbers must be written fully in words, and all sum of money must be written in currency mode. All text must be typed using Unikey Telex Type, Times New Roman font size 12 and double spacing. (After her class, Hoa a female junior student is visiting a place for rent and meeting with the landlord, a 50ish woman) 1. The landlady greets Hoa, and invite her inside. She then asks Hoa how long did it take to get there from her campusuniversity. L: Ch o chu, i trong nh i. i t trng i hc chu n y mt bao lu? 2. Hoa replies that it took her just (emphathetic) 10 minutes to travel (by car) from her campusuniversity to this (apartment) complex, but it took her 10 minutes to find a parking spot, and to travel (walk) from the parking lotgarage to this (apartment) unit it took her (even emphathetic) 15 minutes. M: Li xe t trng i hc chu n ay mt mi pht thi. Nhng tim ch u xe mt mi pht v i b t nh ga ra n cn h n y mt mi lm pht thi. 3. The landlady apologies and says because she does not have a car, therefore she does not know how far is the parking lotgarage from the apartment (complex). Hoa says there is a parking lotgarage inside the apartment (complex), and if she stays here, she can park there. L: Rt tic. T nh ga ra n cn h n y bao xa c khng bit ti v c khng c xe. H: Khng c i. Cn h n y c nh ga ra y. Khi chu y, chu c th u xe .
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