CHEM 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Thermoplastic, Amide, Zwitterion

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7 Dec 2017
Chem 1000 Final Exam Study Guide
Don’t worry about Really focus on
Chapter 1 -Chemistry
1. Science testable, reproducible, predictable, tentative, explanatory
2. States of matter Solid, Liquid, Gas
a. Pure Substances vs. Mixture pure water vs. tap water
b. Element vs. Compound Atoms vs. Molecules
3. Numerical prefixes, Unit Conversion, Scientific Notation
4. Density = mass/volume calculations
a. Sink vs. float
5. Temperature Calculations K = C + 273, Absolute Zero
Chapter 2 Atoms
1. Avogadro’s Number (6.022 x 1023) Mole Atomic mas unit vs. Molar Mass
2. Law of Conservation of Mass, Law of Definite Proportions, Law of Multiple
Chapter 3 Atomic Structure
1. Atomic Structure Electron, proton, neutron
a. Nucleus, subshell, energy levels, s-orbitals vs. p-orbitals
b. Electron configuration, Valence Electrons
2. Isotope elements exist as a mixture of isotopes
a. Different number of neutrons, same number of protons and electrons
Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding
1. Ionic Bonds Transfer of electrons, loss or gain of electrons
a. Cation, anion, molecular formula for ionic compounds
2. Covalent Bonds Sharing of electrons, Lewis Dot Structures
3. Electronegativity Electronegativity difference polar = hydrophilic, nonpolar
= hydrophobic
4. Polyatomic ions
Chapter 5 Chemical Accounting
1. Balancing Chemical Equations
2. Stoichiometry Calculations
3. Concentration Molarity = moles/Liter Percent concentration
4. Solubility how ions dissolve in water
5. “Like dissolves like” – Polar compounds dissolve in polar solvents
Chapter 6 Solids, Liquids, Gases … and Intermolecular Forces
1. States of matter Solid, Liquid, Gas
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