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Human Biology, Behavior, and Evolution Notes PART 3 [COMPLETE]: 90% on final!

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CAS AN 102
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Mendel 1822-1884 Particulate nature of genes Concept of genotype and phenotype Studied common pea plant and discovered each has two true breeding alternative forms Cross breeding tall and short plants -F1 generation were all tall Allowed F1 to self fertilize and found 3/4 were tall and 1/4 were short -Suggested that expression of traits controlled by discrete, particulate units Realized that expression of short plants had not disappeared but was masked Mendel's Law of Segregation -Particles must come in pairs with offspring inheriting one from each parent -Pairs must separate into different sex cells and unite at fertilization (meiosis) Mendel's Law of Independent Assortment -Complicated crosses with height and seed color -Found that two traits weren't inherited together but sorted independently -Applies to traits on different chromosomes -Distribution of one pair of alleles into gametes does not affect the distribution of another pair Blended inheritance: idea that each parental contribution is halved at each genera
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