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CAS AR 100
Michael Danti

AR 100 Midterm 2 Study Guide Ancient Egypt- King Tut 1. History divided into three GoldenAges of Egyptian civilization: Old, Middle and New Kingdoms. Times when Egypt was powerful a. New Kingdom (18-20 Dynasties, 1550-1070 BC) i. Amenhotep III (1388-48 BC) 1. Egypt at the height of her power and prestige 2. Ripe for change 3. Theological crisis ii. The City of Thebes 1. Capital of Upper Egypt during new Kingdom 2. East- Cult center for god Amun 3. West- Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens 4. Dei el-Medina – village of workmen and officials iii.ArmanaAge 1360-1298 BC 1. Amenhotep III marries Tiye, gives birth toAmenhotep IV 2. Amenhotep IV (akaAkhenaten) has two women a. Relationship with Nerfiti birthsAnkhesenamun b. Relationship with Kiye births Tutankhaten 3. Tutankhaten (aka Tutankhamun) marriesAnkhesenamun iv. Amenhotep IV 1. rules from 1360-1343 BC 2. imposed monotheism 3. pharaoh as divine dictator 4. moved country’s capital 5. empire declines rapidly v. Tutankhamun 1. Archaeologists searched extensively form tomb 2. Pit 54. Theodore Davis thinks they’ve exhausted Valley of kings 3. Lord Carnarvon Howard Carver found tomb in Nov. 1922
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