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Atoms and Matter - Midterm 2.docx

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CAS AS 101
Paul Withers

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AS 101:ATOMSAND MATTER 1 ATOMS & MATTER: Charge: Protons (+) +1 Electrons (-) -1 Neutrons (~) 0 *Protons and Electrons Attract Mass: Protons and neutrons have same mass, need 2000 electrons to equal mass of 1 proton. Size: 15 Protons and neutrons  10 m (same size) Electrons are smaller and fuzzier Atoms = Protons, neutrons and electrons:  Equal numbers of protons and electrons  Typically, neutrons ~ protons  Nucleus of p and n (10 -15m to 10-1m)  Cloud of electrons (10 )0  Why do electrons stay w/ the nucleus?  Why do protons stay in the nucleus?  If an atom id 200m wide, how bug is the nucleus  10 m3 Electrons: Planets:  Attracted towards center by   Attracted towards center by  electrical forces gravity  Can not describe position and   Easy to describe position and  velocity clearly velocity.   Orbits frequently change   Conservation of energy,  momentum, angular  momentum. Energy of an electron in an atom: AS 101:ATOMSAND MATTER 2  Not possible to determine the position of an electron in an atom.  Only certain electron energies are permitted  Diffe
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