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[CAS BI 107] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (233 pages long!)

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Boston University
CAS BI 107
Kathryn Spilios

BU CAS BI 107 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at Lecture 1 (9716): Darwin Dr. Wasserman Office hours: 5 Cummington Street Room 423 MWF 45pm What is Science? Comes from a trial in 1982 in a case about creationism Essential characteristics of science: ! Guided by natural law (think gravity what goes up must come down) ! Explanatory by reference to natural law ! Testable against the empirical world (vs. God) ! Conclusions are tentative!! ! Falsifiable Examples of why Science is tentative ! 600 million years ago The Cambrian Explosion (period in which first evidence of cells were) Doushantuo fossils fossils depicting process of embryos forming In 2007, evidence suggested that fossils do not contain eukaryotic cells, but rather prokaryotic cells. Later in 2007, other evidence supported the idea that they were eukaryotic cells. In 2011, fossils were told as none of the above. SCIENCE IS TENTATIVE AND CAN BE FALSIFIED. Clicker Question: The fossils from the Doushantuo formation would best be described as Choices: Bacteria, Animals, Protists, Fungi, not clear what they are Answer: Not clear what the Doushantuo fossils are Charles Darwin (18091882) Raised in a wealthy family and was in medical school, but did not like the culture and quit At the age of 22, joined a voyage on the Beagle Beagle moved around South America plotting the coastline. Video ! Northern and southern Rea (Ostriches) Darwin separated them as different species based off of physical differences ! Darwin also encountered birds that have wings not used for flight Penguins, Steamers, and Ostritches After 5 years in 1831, Darwin returned home, but was afraid to publish his journals. The Origin of Species was not published until 1859. find more resources at
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