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Francis Monette

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Chapter 1 and 2 Review • Oxygen has strongest electronegativity • pH of cellular fluids is 7 • The complexity of organisms on earth today is the result of multicellularity, photosynthesis, eukaryotic cell development • From evolutionary perspective important property of cell is pass genetic info to progeny • Key point in Darwin’s evolution is: any trait that confers a small increase in probabilyt that its possessor will survive and reproduce will be strongly favored and will spread through population • All organisms acquire nutrients from their environment • Cell, tissue, organ, organism, population, community • Atoms responsible for generating hydrogen bond to stabilize alpha helical configuration of polypeptide are: ?? • Metabolism is all conversions of matter and energy taking place in an organism • Aprerequisite for survival of life on land was accumulation of 3 • Plants are eukaryotic, multicellular, photosynthesizers • The key purpose of any single experiment is to test predictions based on hypotheses • Covalent bond for monosaccharides: glycosidic (C—C) • Covalent bond for amino acids: peptide (C—N) Chapter 3 and 4 Review • Storage carbohydrate for plats: starch • Alpha helix: secondary structure • D-amino acids do not occur naturally in proteins • Sugars are linked together with glycosidic bonds in polysaccharides • Bonds in glycogen are alpha 14 glycosidic bonds • Fatty acids are stored in the form
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