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CAS BI 108
Francis Monette

2/10 Chapter 6 (6.3-end) • Plasma membrane functions • Osmosis • Configuration of proteins in membranes • Molecular movement through membranes 1) Simple/Facilitated Diffusion a. Channel Proteins b. Carrier Proteins 2) Active Transport a. PrimaryActive Transport b. Primary vs Secondary • Alpha helixes—dominant structure for integral proteins • Conjugated Protein: ex-glycoprotein, sugar in membranes • Some proteins adhere one cell to another • Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis: 2/12 • Channel Proteins: move ions and other small molecules o Do not bind the ion/molecule o Most are gated; can be opened or closed to ion passage o Regulated to open o Gated: molecules move down their concentration gradient without binding o Remove stimulus to close channel o Gate opens when protein is stimulated to change its shape o Examples:  Ion channels  Stimulus can be a molecule (ligand-gated) or electrical charge resulting from ions (voltage-gated) • Carrier Proteins o Ligand binding site; glucose transporter—allow glucose to enter at a faster rate o How does the rate of diffusion vary with the ligand concentration?
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