CAS AH 111 Midterm: AH Midterm Key Points

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Animal facing left (apollo 11 cave, namibia) Woman holding a bison horn (laussel, france) Reclining woman (la magdeleine des albis, france) Two bison reliefs (le tuc d"audoubert, france) Bison licking its flank (la madeleine, france) Spotted horses and negative hand imprints (pech-merle, france) Rhinos, wounded man, and disemboweled bison (lascaux, france) Aurochs, horses, and rhinos (chauvet cave, france) Human skull with restored features (jericho, jordan) Landscape with volcanic eruption ( atal h y k, turkey) Use of ivory, clay, water colors, and stone. Judgement of hunefer (19th dynasty, thebes, egypt) Palette of king narmer (predynastic, hierakonpolis, egypt) Stepped pyramid of djoser (3rd dynasty, saqqara, egypt) Columnar entrance corridor to the mortuary precinct of djoser. Pyramid of menkaure, khafre, and great pyramid of khufu. Menkaure and khamerernebty (4th dynasty, gizeh, egypt) Seated statues of rahotep and nofret (4th dynasty, maidum, egypt) Portrait statue of kapper (5th dynasty, saqqara, egypt) Seated statue of hemiunu (4th dynasty, gizeh, egypt)

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