CAS AH 111 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Krater, Undressed, Middle Ages

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Art became lost, no writing no sculpture but pottery. Geometric krater, from the dipylon cemetery, athens, ca. Mourning scene; procession of warriors and chariots; horror vacui. A lot of abstract ornament and has a two part story told on two registers (like standard of ur) Had never seen sumerian art, but became a universal way to tell a story with horizontal registers. Mourning of an elite member,with chariots mourning him. Flat patterns and artist tries to cover the whole vase. Has profile breasts with artificial nipples to show the people mourning are women. Chariots with guys who look like walking shields with a helmet. Horses share a body, but shows different heads and legs. Chariots have two wheels, but show them in a profile way. Largest this art gets for this period of time in greece. Hero is more powerful and will defeat the centaur. Offer to apollo in hope to be granted a favor.