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Human Biology, Behavior, and Evolution Notes PART 7 [COMPLETE]: 90% on final!

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Primates Human dental foruma: Represents 1 quadrant 2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 premolars, molars Teeth evolved as mechanisms that allow animals to maximize energy intake Primate teeth are heterodont - a varied pattern of differently shapes teeth Bunodont (apes) Bilophodont (OWM) Primate characteristics ▪ Generalized mammals ▪ Limbs and locomotion ⁃ Tendency toward upright posture ⁃ Flexible, generalized limb structure ⁃ Prehensile hands ⁃ 5 digits on the hands and feet ⁃ Opposable thumb and big toe ⁃ Nails instead of claws ⁃ Tactile pads with enhanced sensory innervation ▪ Diet and teeth ⁃ Generalized dentition ⁃ Lack of dietary specialization (omnivory) ⁃ Food preferences ▪ Enhanced vision ⁃ Color vision (diurnal primates) ⁃ Depth perception (Visual Predation Theory to catch prey) ⁃ Forward facing eyes ⁃ Visual information transmitted ot both hemispheres of brain ⁃ Visual system organized in 3D images in brain ▪ Reduced olfaction (smaller nose, loss of rhinarium in haplorhines, smaller olfactory area of brain) ▪ Expansion and increased complexity of brain ▪ More efficient means of fetal nourishment, longer, gestation, reduced number of offspring, delayed maturation, slow life history
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