CAS ES 142 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Standing Wave, Wave Power, Tidal Range

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Introduction to beaches and shorelines es 142 i. ii. Shaped like the greek letter delta, herodotus suspended load sediment moving downstream. Suspended in water colum (weak flow bedload sediment moving close to bed (channel bottom higher flow conditions) Capacity volume of sediment a river can carry (increases as discharge and velocity. 3. a: be able to define suspended load and bedload. What factors controls whether sediment will be transported by suspended versus bedload? a. conditions) b. 6. a. b. c: the mississippi river has changed the location where it discharges sediment to the gulf of. Mexico many times during the past 4,000 years. Competency largest sixed sediment a flow can carry (increases with flow velocity) Give examples of birdfoot (also called digitate), cuspate, and deflected deltas. What are the drainage divides of the mississippi river. North: end moraine; what separates great lakes from mississippi. The long course of the missiissippi is elongating the pathway to which the sediment deposits.

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