CAS HI 266 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Paris, National Assembly, Joseph Bonaparte

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The revolution of 10 august 1792: spring (cid:883)79(cid:884): the girondins enact a series of (cid:498)revoluionary decrees(cid:499) Veto provided for an army of 20,000 federal troops to come to. At this time, there was a lot of hate for aristocrats. Still fearing the king is on the other side (the austrian side: parisians invade the tuileries palace (20 june 1792) Protest demonstration in a sense against the king. Marched straight into palace and terrorized the king: 11 july 1792: a state of national emergency is declared. Brought petitions to assembly to have king be suspended: the brunswick manifesto (july 25, 1792) King of prussia and emperor of austria called to depose the king. Will treat anyone who opposes them as enemies of the king. The assembly still doesn"t want to act: the fall of the monarchy: the revolution of 10 august 1792. Set up a new government in paris called a commune. Bloody revolution (600 of 900 defenders died)

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