CAS PS 101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cognitive Dissonance, Social Loafing, Synapsis

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Peoples evaluations of objects of events or of ideas is called (attitude)
Six blindfolded people wearing headphones were told to shout as loudly as they could some
were told they were shouting alone and other were told they were shouting with other people
which group do you think shouted more loudly (social loafing)
-dont shout as loud because you let other people do the work
The more we are exposed to something the more were tend to like it. What is this effects called
(mere exposure effect)
Which is not true about stereotypes
(They allow for slow processing of social information)
Our long term evaluations of people are heavily influenced by our first impression (True)
The tendency to respond heavily positively to people from our ingroups than we do to people
from outgroups or in other words liking us more than them is
(In-group favoritism)
The active and conscious effort effort-in-change an attitude through the transmission (something
something something
Sarah perceives that men (an out-group) are all the same however women (in-group) are
different. This is an example of (outgroup homogeneity)
An uncomfortable mental state due to a contradiction between two attitudes or between an
attitude and a behavior (cognitive dissonance)
Participants viewed soundless 30-second film clips of college teachers lecturing and then were
asked to rate the lecturers teaching ability. How do you think this rating compared with the rating
of instructors students
Ratings correct (idk what happened here)
Glia (microglia)
(being involved in feeding the synapsis)
What are attributions (internal/external attribution)
(Explanations for events or actions including other people's behavior)
Bob and JOe staged an experiment around a woman in distress 70 percent of the people alone
called out or went to help the wan (idk what happened here)
(bystander effect-the presence of others inhibits helping)
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