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Class notes: lecture 2: changes in scientific discovery podcast major themes. How much money dedicated to scientific discoveries (decrease) When requesting grant money, highlighting topics of interest (ex: tech) How we reason non-physically about things and how it affects our view on things a. ii. Natural phenomena are alive and influence behavior: animism a. iii. 1. Having an eagle"s feather and this would give them power of that animal a. iii. 2. Ex: storms- name hurricanes, describe them with certain personalities a. iv. More sophisticated and comprehensive than animistic beliefs a. iv. 2. Humans evolved but god had no part in the process least amount a. iv. 2. a. ii. Gallup polls- administered to specific people or only some people are responding, not necessarily representative a. iv. 2. a. iv. 2/3 of americans who attend church weekly do not believe in evolution a. iv. 2. a. v. Celestial bodies shape our personalities and play a role in who we are a. v. 2. Some astrologers may be precise and accurate a. v. 3.

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