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Boston University
Computer Science
CAS CS 101
Michael Manove

Topic Briefing Memo Assignment Topic Briefing Memo (15%) Your assignment is to research and prepare a topic briefing memo of up to 1500 words (11font, 1.0 line spacing plus up to two pages of appendices if needed) on an assigned topic, industry, company or issue related to our planned class discussions. Memos are typically two pages. You may include up to two pages of appendices as needed. You must also prepare TWO PPT slides that provide a visual representation of your topic. The slides should summarize the issue (using primarily info graphics, graphs, charts, photographs or other visuals). These may or may not be chosen by the professor to be shown in class during student panels. Please sign up for a topic at the link provided in class and posted on SMGtools (Assignments). Purpose: The purpose of the briefing memo is to summarize and analyze a complex issue objectively and succinctly. Audience: The intended audience for the briefing memo is an uninformed senior executive who needs to be briefed on a topic in anticipation of a business decision. A secondary audience includes anyone who might access your memo as part of a knowledge data base. Format: Use the SMG memo format. Examples and direction are provided in the Topic Briefing folder under Resources on the SMGtools SM151 Master Site. You may use bullet points if it helps accomplish the goals of the memo. Please refer to the Guidelines for Using Bullet Points in the Resources folder. Content: The memo should: • Capture the relevant background, key facts, central issues, p
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