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Final Wall Street Journal Article Summaries

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Boston University
CAS EC 102
Jay Zagorsky

Final WSJ Summaries Thursday May 8 2014955 PMFood Prices Surge as Drought Exacts a High Toll on Crops Food prices will rise as much as 35 this yearHigh prices come from meat and dairy due to tight cattle suppliesRising milk demand from the fast growing Asian countries Drought in Brazil has spiked coffee and sugar pricesFood price increase has outpaced the increase in prices for all goods Food prices are posing challenged for restaurant and retailors forced to raise prices and reduce packagingChina Unveils Urbanization PlanPlan to move more people into cities for an economic boost 60 of Chinese will live in cities by 2020Urbanization has the greatest potential to expand domestic consumption Chinas economic growth has been slowing down Infrastructure networking will be improved to connect people to cities Chinese government plan on expanding social welfare like pension and medical insurance and reducing costs of paying social insuranceProgram is unlikely to trigger another aggressive govt spending because the central govt is already concerned about local govt debts Free Isnt Easy for Higher EdTennessee govt wants every high school graduate to go to community college for free to strengthen the workforce and attract investmentoIn order to fund the Tennessee Promise will need to cut back private college aidArgument that four year colleges educate people in where there is no jobs and carry heavy debtA Gas Exporting StrategyAntifossil fuel left argue that it is too late to save CrimeaSignal that US will export will make he market anticipate for lower pricesUS imports of gas has helped lower prices and weaken Russian oil grip on Europe Europe has extensive pipeline systems that are ready to accept US oil and the more Europe has to redistribute the more limited the Russian influence on smaller countries Partisanship and bureaucracy is slowing the implementation of this strategyPutins Potemkin EconomyRussias economic growth rate has fallen from 7 to 13 last year The wealthy are quickly moving money out of the country which has made the rule fall 22 Rising oil prices helped Putin save the economy in the 2000sPutin has been abusing the oil wealth to gain more powerRussia had a investment rate of 26 of the GDP but that has been fast shrinking Inflation is currently around 63
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