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CGS HU 201 Midterm: Humanities 201 Midterm Review #1

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Boston University
CGS HU 201
Professor Tyler

i) Week 1 and Week 2 (1) Socratic Method (Elenchus = Cross Examination) (a) Using reason and logic to obtain the highest degree of mental alertness (i) TO FIND THE DEFINITION (b) Moral qualities you posses of the highest order (2) Socrates (a) Supposedly threatened Athenian society (i) the unexamined life is not worth living 1. Socrates wants to know if common sense helps or hinders our growth (ii) He is a gadfly because he will never leave you alone (iii) Had a student named Plato who wrote all the dialogues (iv) The Death of Socrates is related to the 1787 French revolution 1. This is similar because when they both happened, it signified a release of old ideas and the adaption of new ones! (3) The Euthyphro by Plato (a) Socratic method: process of RADICAL questioning (i) Socrates believed it pointed toward the definition 1. What is piety a. Euthyphro thinks its anything loved by the gods 2. THE DEFINITION IS THE FORM i.e. THE ESSENCE st (ii) 1 time in western culture an attempt to define a virtue (iii) Socrates used IRONY 1. He was just so much smarter than everyone he used irony to kind of undermine them, he was just too intelligent (iv) whether what you say is true or not I cannot as yet tell, although I make no doubt that you will prove the truth of your words 1. this shows Socrates irony 2. knows that we dont exactly know everything we think we know (4) The Crito by Plato (a) Why Crito thinks Socrates should escape (i) Easy to escape (ii) By refusing to escape his friends will suffer the consequences (iii) Committing suicide (iv) Refusing to help is SHAMELESS (v) Neglecting familiar duties to wife and kids (vi) Can philosophize in another place (b) Two Moral Principles (i) Never intentionally wrong another even if wronged (ii) One should keep ones agreements 1. If he thought the laws were unjust, he should have said something a long time ago 2. Breaking laws is harmful to the soul 3. The JURORS are unjust, not the law
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