CGS HU 201 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Poetic Justice

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All spontaneous motives, all new, future, and stronger motives, are still extant. Master morality: aristocratic, noble, the creator of values. Slave-morality: victims, weaklings, cowards, revengeful, resentful the morality of utility to see things in terms of good and evil . Bounded and limited by values that keep them imprisoned like the golden rule. Basic principle of all slave morality= resentment of aristocratic spirit. Altruism: the concern for others" well-being and happiness that is self-less and even indifferent. New morals: pride, pity, aloofness, tolerance the highest stage of human development: the superman. Symbolized unfettered spirit, strength, and own worth. Believes in evolution as the will to power to dominate the environment. Each thing in the universe manifest a striving to power, going back and forth between success and failure in competition for mastery. Good= whatever conforms to nature, bad= whatever is contrary to it, unrealistic= the description of nature as a rational or providential order.