CGS HU 201 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Unmoved Mover

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Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (on own not gov. ) People don"t change if society is changed. Good society is one built on fixed human nature. Republic: constitutional self government: constitution, vote for representatives. Justice: everyone"s purpose is to serve the state but state has no goals so can carry out own goals. 3 types: vegetable: controls nutrition, growth, decay, animal: controls perception, movement, human/rational: controls all function of reason. Reason makes us moral beings, human souls choose our own destiny. God is a scientific explanation of the origins of the cosmos. God is the (cid:498)first cause(cid:499) of everything. God is pure form: all form not matter. Become virtuous by good laws, training, education when young forming good habits. Moral virtue: the golden need, middle lane on the highway not too fast or slow (between two vices) Everyday life of things out of class: parents, family. Depends on where you are and who you are: intellectual:

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