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International Relations
CAS IR 271
Ivan Arreguin- Toft

LectureNotes31803182014Review Film NotesJudgment at Nuremberg Rolfs Defense 1 We didnt know2 Taken in context the judges interventions saved lives3 guilt must be shared cf Versailles Haywoods summation fiat justicia ruat caelum Bottom line under such circumstances we HAVE to remain steadfast in our morals and values Apocalypse Now Up the River never get off the boat Isnt context everythingYou decide both films summarize key themes in a main character monologue Indochina 194654Vietnam 196573First Indochina WarA colonial warChina Korea and containmentViet Minh resistance nationalist or socialistDien Bein Phu MarchMay 1954US in VietnamTonkin Gulf 1964Escalation Tet Aftermath France in IndochinaFrance formally incorporates Indochina in 1887In WWII Japan attacks French Indochina and uses local French administration to govern Japan surrenders France v Viet MinhFrance wants Indochina back priority on veitnam 1 National pride humiliation2 Resources for reconstruction French forces mostly made up of Legionnaires heavily supported by the USBody blows PRC 1949 and border outposts destroyed 1950Dien Bien Phu SitutationForces 1 French De Castries 16k soldiers including some allied troops ie Thais2 Viet Minh Giap 50k combat troops 55k support troopsGround 1 French entrenched on a series of hills in a valley 2 Viet Minh command high ground Dien Bien Phu the Fight13 March 1 Massive artillery barrage direct fire2 Beatrice and Gabrielle fall3 Viet Minh lose at least 2500 killedApril 1 Sallies and combat engineers2 The noose tightensMay 1 Giap launches massive coordinated attacks Dominique Huguette and Elaine overrunFrench ammunition food and water dwindling May 71 Final assault 25l Viet Minh v 3k French2 530pm De Castries surrenders3 Isabelle holds out for another 24 hoursLosses 1 France2200 killed 10k prisoners2 Viet Minh 8k killed 15k wounded AftermaththViet Minh expect to gain unified Vietnam instead gain North Vietnam 17 parallel pending national elections July 1956 betrayed by ChinaMassive refugee flows communist north catholics south North abides by treaty agreement South does not Government of both North and South a disaster from 19541964
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