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Boston University
International Relations
CAS IR 310
Michael Corgan

Battle of Hampton Roads: • Use of rams • Union had better ships Civil War: Confederate Navy: • Commerce raiding • Blockade running • Ramming • Bulwark made the Alabama—gave to South • Union blockade started for profit, but ended up for survival CSS Alabama: • Most successful CSS cruiser, 68 prizes, two dozen warships in pursuit • How to inflict pain at low cost CSS Stonewall • The only Confederate blue water iron clad ram to make it to sea • Ramming speed • South needed the support of Europe to defeat Union • South lacks foreign policy • CSS H. L. Hunley—first submarine to sink and enemy ship (USS Housatonic) • Infernal machines—torpedoes and torpedo boats; mines Maintaining anAmerican Navy In Defense of Mediocrity: What are the arguments in support of a third or fourth rateAmerican Navy? • Irrelevant toAmerican life • Focus on internal affairs • Too expensive • Defining theAmerican navy: commercialism or continentialism? • Manifest Destiny—expansion westward • Uncertainty of correct naval architecture After Civil War-mostly cruisers left (52). But most of the ships were no longer usable (monitor) Cruisers: defend commerce, show the flag *keep sailing power because of uncertainty in using steel Engineering officers vs line officers Conflict Resolution: engineering staff vs engineering line officer Benjamin Franklin Isherwood: wanted to elevate status of engineering officers David Dixon Porter: USS Wampanoag: built to run down Alabama-built too late Professional Development: US Naval War College US N
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