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CAS PH 110
Suzanne Sreedhar

MONICA Citation: Preface. Blesséd Spinoza: A Biography of the Philosopher. New York: Macmillan, 1932. Ix-Xiii. Print. • “There are those of the great to whom glory comes like an accolade of thunder: strenuous beings who with brandished fists and roaring throats force the very heavens to sing their praise. But there are others no less great to whom glory comes like the dawn-wind, and of the it is less easy to write. There may be drama in their lives, but it is for the most part inward; there may be glamour, but it is largely veiled” (Monica ix) • “of commentaries on his thought there are scores and hundreds, but accounts of his life there are exceedingly few” (Monica ix) • “He was excommunicated in his youth, and hounded from the world in which he had been reared; his company was shunned, his writings were proscribed, his very life was menaced” (Monica ix) • “There was no recklessness in the man, no eagerness to fling himself on those who harried him, no readiness to go down in a gory brawl. Not that he was dead to such all-too-human impulses. On the contrary, they surged in him throug
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