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Anthony & Sheri's notes - Midterm 3.docx

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Boston University
Political Science
CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

Anthony & Sheri’s notes: • social welfare • Economic policy • Foreign policy • Healthcare policy Current events and court case • No choice for essay 3 critical issues in healthcare • Inheritance • -how things were before; past policies; current group that benefits and how to involve new people who will receive benefits • Critical junctures • -event occurs and go down a new path; if event makes a shift • Past dependence • -staying on same path • Foreign policy • Military budget and defense • -very high compared to other great powers • Does not only rely on military to achieve foreign policy goals • They also use soft power • -Cultural and intellectual hold a nation has over another • Hard power-military and economic • Soft power- cultural and way of life 1 -ability to persuade others to do what you want without force 2 -attract you to do something in my favor • After Second World War especially European countries paid huge costs due to war • -only US did not pay huge costs it seems; more safe-the most powerful country in the world • --did not use power to act unitarily or on it's own but rather to create institutions to achieve foreign goals • ---real goal to spread democracy • ---achieve order and peace • ---through establishing international institutions US could lock in and attract less powerful states to join and then work together; US make rules how they should work Difference between realists and wilsonisns • -focus just on interests of US • -spread democracy around the whole world Economic • -causes of financial crisis if 2008 • -how US dealt with crisis • -were any policies created to deal with the crisis Social welfare • -comparison to other countries • -percentages in spending • • because i am too good of a person • This is from the Health care lecture where ya'll weren't paying attention: • American exceptionalism; absence until now of universal health insurance. • Why- Every other advanced democracy had universal health or health insurance schemes. No uninsured people, everyone is eligible. • Reasons America does not have universal health care: • People have preferences on what they want government to do and what they do not want government to do ( government responsibility). European citizens expect their government to do more. • Take opinion polls with a grain of salt. In 1990's people said government had more responsibility to make sure people had health insurance. What has happened since- The criticism of theAffordable careAct. The partisan effects: the Republican leaders saying theACAis bad, (Republican party identifiers moved to being againstACA). • Beliefs - familiar opinion poll evidence illust
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